Imagine Pad

I've just come back from performing at a four-day convention for a renowned business.


Imagine Pad is the best prop for any Mentalist to have for such a gig.


It's the best on the market!


I'm extremely happy.

Imagine Pad

We love it. We have even called it "Juergen"!

 Master Die (Amber Collection)

The Die is awesome!

Master Die (Amber Collection)

As you know, I purchased Master Die at the Blackpool Magic Convention, which I am over the moon with...

The Die (Amber Collection)

Hi Juergen

I purchased one of your fantastic products at the Blackpool Magic Convention  - The Die.

The reason for my email is just to say "Thank you" for your time and patience - explaining a few things to me. It is much appreciated.

 Ultimate Mentalism 3 and Peek Table

Thank you Sir! It's stunning!

 Ultimate Mentalism 3 + The Die

I purchased Ultimate Mentalism 3 - Notepad and The Die at MindSummit in Cologne last year.

I'm incredibly happy with both products.

Peek Table for Ultimate Mentalism 3

Table Top arrived this morning. Amazing work - really a thing of beauty.

Thanks again, look forward to acquiring some more of your work in the near future.

 The Amber Collection + Ultra Scan Bag

Just back from my Mental Show, where I used 4 (!) of your products during my performance:


   Ultra Scan Bag

 The Stone

Emotional Vibrations

Ultimate Mentalism 3


All props worked extremely well.  

Only wanted to let you know this - in combination with the "highest praise" and gratitude for your work.