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Thank you to all our loyal and new customers for a successful magical convention - BMC 2024!

A sincere thanks you goes out to the organisers of BMC 2024 for the successful convention.

Here's what our customers say about Master Miracles

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“Reliability is its worth in GOLD!”

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What's new?

Master Bell

Officially released at Blackpool Magic Convention 2023


See the latest enhancement for the first time in Blackpool 2024!!!


A member of the Amber Collection

Master Bell is a brand-new product that is in no way comparable to any other bell on the market.

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Intuito - PK-Touch

The ORIGINAL - since FISM 2015

Intuito - PK-Touch is a 100% Master Miracles product first seen with a sleep mask at FISM Rimini 2015. Any other PK-Touch with sleep masks is a copy of Master Miracles' creative, unique and innovative work!


A member of the Amber Collection

This new generation of Pk-Touch has even fooled professional mentalists worldwide, and the latest modification has opened up entirely new application possibilities that were previously unavailable.


Intuito S - PK-Touch

It is now even smaller, more discreet, and even more powerful!


What's new in Blackpool 2024

Intuito P / Intuito DUO

Discover the latest enhancements! Call to our booth.


Reviews from some of our customers

"Intuito worked like a dream!!! Being able to perform this completely surrounded is a GAME CHANGER. Having the remote::: whilst holding a pen to tap the other volunteer. AMAZING."


"Intuito is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

It's just BRILLIANT!"


"I'm really and truly impressed with this new system! "




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Imagine Pad

Master Miracles has been producing Impression Pads for over 25 years. 

Imagine Pad has a swift display, high contrast, and excellent legibility.


XS / S / M / L


Check out the latest features in Blackpool !


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Master Clock

Intelligent Time Prediction


Standard Wall Clock

Pocket Watch


This is what customers say...

"It's a Masterpiece."


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Master Cork

Which hand? - As seen on German and Swiss TV


A member of the Amber Collection


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Master Miracles

Master Miracles has been in the business for near to 30 years. This German-based establishment invents, develops and produces some of the hottest effects in the category of Magic and Mentalism for Professionals worldwide.


Who is behind Master Miracles? 

Juergen Kretschmer (Engineer) combines his engineering skills and precision to create high-quality, durable, and reliable products. All products engineered and developed by Master Miracles are Made in Germany! 


Why Master Miracles?

Master Miracles specializes in producing high-quality products for sole-performing Mentalists.
Our products have been performed on many TV shows worldwide! 

2024 Magic Conventions near and afar

Blackpool Magic Convention 2024, UK

Thursday, 15.02.2024 - Sunday, 18.02.2024


Winter Gardens

97 Church Street

Blackpool FY1 1HL

United Kingdom 

Fröhlich Zauberkongress, Bad Aussee, Austria


Thursday, 05.09.2024 - Sunday, 08.09.2024


Congress Ausseerland

Kurhausplatz 144

8990 Bad Aussee



Kongress 2024 ( 

MAGICA meets Nordisch Nobel, Lübeck, Germany


Wednesday, 09.10.2024 - Saturday, 12.10.2024

Kulturwerft Gollan
Einsiedelstraße 6
23554 Lübeck


Zauberkongress - Nordisch Nobel | Zauberkongress - Nordisch Nobel 

2025 Magic Conventions

FISM Italy 2025

World Championship of Magic 2025, Turin, Italy