Master Miracles has been in the business for over 25 years. This German-based business develops and produces some of the hottest effects in the category Magic and Mentalism for professionals all over the world.


Who is behind Master Miracles? 

Juergen Kretschmer (Engineer).

Combining engineering skills and precision, Juergen creates high-quality durable and reliable products.

All products engineered and developed by Master Miracles are "Made in Germany"! 


Why Master Miracles?

Master Miracles provides ideal solutions for sole performing mentalists and magicians.

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If you can see this picture upright, then you must be standing on your head!?


Impression Pad


Master Miracles has been producing Impression Pads for well over 20 years. 

Imagine Pad has a swift display, high contrast, and excellent legibility.


small - medium - large


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Which hand?


A member of the Amber Collection



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B*** Conductor Technology


A member of the Amber Collection


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PK-Touch - even surrounded 360°! 


Intuito is an invention by Master Miracles. 


Intuito is a new generation PK Touch, first introduced at FISM 2015 in Rimini. Intuito fooled even professional mentalists. It opens up completely new application possibilities that were previously not possible.  


A member of the Amber Collection 


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Intelligent Time Prediction


Standard Wall Clock

Pocket Watch


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Color Prediction


A member of the Amber Collection


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The Die / Master Die


A member of the Amber Collection 


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CONVENTIONS IN 2022 - near and afar

MAGICA 2022 - German Championship of Magic - GERMANY

Deutsche Meisterschaft der Zauberkunst

Veranstaltungsforum Fuerstenfeld, 12 Fuerstenfeld, 82256 Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany

May 12th - 15th, 2022 

 Always there, to show you how to "Master Miracles"! 


Froehlich Zauberkongress Bad Aussee - AUSTRIA

Kur- und Congresshaus Bad Aussee, Kurhausplatz 144, 8990 Bad Aussee, Austria

 September 8th - 11th, 2022

We will be there for the very first time, to show you how to "Master Miracles"!