The Box


The Effect

The prediction is in a sealed envelope, which is attached to a large paper-clip, enclosed in the box. The prediction can be loaded right in front of the audience, nobody suspects a thing.

No further assistance needed. This prediction can be taken out by the spectator him-/herself.


The Box could be hung in the middle of the theatre, dangling above the spectators' heads. This way the box can be observed by all of the audience, no matter from which angle of view.

Or it could even be given to any spectator to hold during the show, if wished.


The Box

The Box is a mechanical apparatus

Massive finish with partially brushed aluminium (weight 2.2 kg / 4.9 lbs)

High-precision CNC-machining.

Handcrafted assembly.

Mechanical apparatus.


The Box Set

The Box

2 x Steel Chains with quality padlocks

1 x Table Top (wooden) - handcrafted assembly

1 x 3-legged Aluminium Table Stand 

1.900,00 €

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