Knife Board


Spectators will be kept in suspense, each time the magician uses the palm of his hand, to swiftly flatten three out of four paper cones.


The Effect itself

An acrylic glass board is laying on a table on the stage. The mentalist asks a spectator for come on stage to  assist him. This spectator is then handed a really sharp boot-knife, along with 4 paper cones.


The spectator is requested to stick the handle of the knife, with the sharp blade pointing upwards (towards the ceiling), into one of the 4 slots made on the acrylic glass board laying in front of him.

While this is being done, the mentalist has his back turned to the spectator (so that he cannot see exactly in which slot the handle of the knife is being put (he doesn't even have to standing on the stage with him). The spectator is then requested to take the paper cones, turn them upside-down and cover each of the 4 slots with them.


Afterwards the mentalist approaches the spectator, tries to read his mind - WHERE IS THE BOOT KNIFE?

The audience is kept in suspense.


Swiftly and precisely, one after the other, the mentalist flattens 3 of the 4 paper cones with the palm of his bear hand, until only one cone is left standing. Guaranteed the audience will sit there with bated breath.


The mentalist removes the remaining intact paper cones. Sure enough, under this one is the sharp boot-knife is standing. Nobody gets hurt! 


An ingeniously, non-detectable built-in gimmick certainly indicates exactly under which cone the knife is, whenever the mentalist needs to know it.


The Board

An acrylic glass board (dimension 80 cm x 16 cm / 31.5" x 6.3").


The Boot-Knife

A real sharp boot-knife (22.5 cm / nearly 9" in length).


Paper Cones 

Included in the set is a cardboard cone sample and 4 paper cones.

The paper cones are easy to make.

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