Ultra Scan Bag


The Effect

The mentalist shows any number of postcard-sized cards, with different words, symbols, drawings, pictures, or even for example products of a company (corporate show) etc. on it. He then takes a paper bag, shows to the audience that it’s empty. After that he asks any freely selected spectator to shuffle all of the cards and put them into the paper bag. Following this, the spectator is asked to take out one of the cards, have a look at it and either put the card back into the bag or hide it in his pocket. While this is being done, the mentalist has his back turned and can even be standing quite a distance away from the spectator, as to not see which card has been chosen. Nevertheless simultaneous to the choosing of the card, the mentalist instantly knows which card has been selected.

Further cards can be immediately chosen by the same spectator or even any other freely selected spectators, until all of the cards have been taken out!


This high-tech effect works fully automatic and can be used for all kinds of mind-reading effects, picture duplication and as well as other various presentations.


Special Feature - Ultra-Scan Bag + Mental Cue



This means that the information of "which card has been chosen" is instantly available in Mental Cue.


  • 2 freely selected spectators are asked to come on stage

  • One spectator selects a card and the other spectator (as well as the mentalist) knows which card has been selected.


Ultra Scan Bag Set

  1  Paper Bag (particular paper bag)

  1  Display (4-digit)

15 Cards

  1  LiPo-Battery Charger 

1.700,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1


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