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Ultimate Mentalism 3


The Effect

The mentalist asks any few spectators, one after the other, to think of something like a city, a date, a symbol, a colour, an object or whatever.

The spectator is then handed a notepad and a pen / marker and the mentalist asks him/her to write down or even draw a quick sketch of exactly what he/she is thinking about.

The mentalist is patiently waiting nearby while this is being done. No suspicious movements are made and the mentalist surely doesn't have to even attempt to peak over the spectator's shoulder to see what has been written.


When each spectator is finished writing, he/she is then asked to tear off that sheet and put it in his pocket and there it will stay!


The mentalist doesn't touch the notepad whatsoever.


The notepad remains with the spectator.


Immediately the mentalist knows exactly what is on that sheet of paper.


This is a high-tech product which has been developed especially to be used in the mental magic concept


It shows immediately and precisely what the spectator has written, any time during your performance.


There are numerous possibilities of performing.

Each to his own liking!


Developed especially for large distances (up to 50 meters).


Can be connected to any Smartphone.


Ultimate Mentalism 3 Set

1 Pad (see drop-down list box below)

1 Pen / Marker

1 Receiver with Display

1 LiPo-Battery Charger 


Additionally if requested as a fake (dummy)

Available in black and white (looks identical to the real thing)!!


1.400,00 €

  • Available
  • Delivery in 5-8 days1

Table for Ultimate Mentalism 3 Receiver


A perfect place to hide the receiver.

Table top is only 11 mm thick !

High-quality hand-crafted wooden table top including high-quality aluminium stand.


470,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1


All prices listed, exclude TV rights.  Please email Juergen for further details.