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The Stone

The Effect

Perform several extremely strong effects with this great innovative trick called "The Stone".  

All effects can be shown in combination with each other or even shown individually. 

  • Kurotsuke
  • Which Hand?
  • Invisible Touch
  • Instant Cueing


It's "Stone Mad" what this stone can do!


The Stone has been especially developed to allow an extremely clear and fair performance of any kind to be shown.  Here is one out of many different possibilities of performance: 


First Effect - Spider or Stone - Who isn't afraid of spiders?!

For many years performers have been inspired by the classical “Kurotsuke” type of effect, where the mentalist is able to discern which spectator has the very one object amongst several spectators.  There are low-tech, as well as high-tech methods available on the market.  There are pros and cons of either method.


Performance Method

2 or 3 spectators are invited to come on stage. The first spectator is given for example a cloth bag (or something similar) to hold. The mentalist talks about how some people react when they see a spider. He then pulls 2 plastic spiders out of his pocket and dangles them around. He goes on about the feeling a person could have when they see a simple stone, how it just leaves them cold and emotionless. He drops both spiders and The Stone into the cloth bag and turns his back to them. The mentalist tells the spectators that he is going to do an experiment together with them (be it mind reading, lie detector test or whatever).

The first spectator is asked to take either one of the plastic spiders or The Stone out of the bag and to say “done” when finished and pass it on to the next spectator to do exactly the same, he too should also say “done” when finished and so on until the bag is empty. The spectators can either hold whatever they have chosen tightly in their fists in front of them or put their hands behind their back. The spectators are asked to put on a poker face when done.


The mentalist turns around and begins to observe the spectator’s gestures, facial expressions, body language etc., simultaneously quizzing him, but yet can tell immediately if they are holding a spider or The Stone. 


The second or third spectator takes an object out of the bag, there and then the mentalist knows immediately if he is holding The Stone or not.


Second Effect - Innovation by Juergen and Luca Volpe

Based on an inspiration by my magical acquaintance Luca Volpe (Merlin Award Winner “Mentalist of the Year Europe” and recipient of the Nostradamus Award for “Best European Mentalist”), Luca and I have rethought and accomplished this concept. This innovative prop, first released in 2014, has now become an amazing prop with enormous potential.

Basically it enables the performer to manipulate and control any randomly selected spectator.


One out of many performance possibilities

Some spectators are asked their first names. The mentalist secretly writes one of the names on a slip of paper or whiteboard, etc.. Another spectator (holding “The Stone” in his hand or in his pocket) is asked to go from one spectator to the other and whenever he has the feeling to stop, he should stop.  

The spectator he is standing face-to-face with, is asked to repeat his name loudly.

Simultaneously the mentalist turns either the slip of paper or whiteboard with the name written on it around to the audience.

Both names match !!


The Stone Set

1 Stone (enclosed in a casket)

1 Controller

1 Li-Po Battery Charger

600,00 €

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