Mental Cue

Cueing a spectator is an essential repertoire to many professional mentalists around the world.


A Flabbergasting Effect 

A spectator is able to name a word or any other information, or even make a certain movement or action, which is obviously impossible for him to know.


Bone-hearing conductors, in combination with standard digitizers or MP3-players have become quite popular over the past few years.


Mental Cue is different!


It has been especially developed for further extended Mentalist’s requirements.


Up to 99 titles can be easily recorded (and rerecorded if necessary).


Each title can be individually called up by using the remote control supplied, which has been specially developed for Mental Cue.


No extra “skip” or “play” buttons have to be pressed – only the number wanted.


The remote control has a small built-in vibrator, which signals that the information has been sent successfully!


Two different systems are available 

The system is located in the mentalist’s jacket.
A bone-hearing conductor is attached to his wrist.
The title will be played the moment the mentalist’s hand moves to the spectators head!

The system is located inside a blindfold.
The mentalist doesn't have to be near the spectator to cue him.
Each title can be played by sending the information per remote control.


Options available


1).    99 titles can be played

        Title 1-75 = 6 seconds per title
        Title 76-99 = 18 seconds per title


2).    25 titles or 75 titles or 99 titles can be played with different

        “play” duration, depending on the factory setting specified

         with your order

         a) Title 1-25 with 18 seconds per title

         b) Title 1-75 with 6 seconds per title
         c) Title 1-99 with 4.5 seconds per title


Mental Cue is delivered as a complete set.

Set-up and usage is therefore straightforward.


The Mental Cue Set

1 Electronic Voice Recorder (including bone-hearing conductor)

1 Remote Control (11-keys) - to select the title

1 Recording Adapter, including microphone to record the titles

1 LiPo Battery Charger


No computer required!

1.600,00 €

  • Available
  • Delivery in 5-8 days1


All prices listed, exclude TV rights.  Please email Juergen for further details.