Mental Clock


The Effect

A spectator is handed this clock by the mentalist and is requested to set any time of his choice to the five minutes on the dot secretly, without the mentalist seeing which time is set.

The mentalist knows instantly which time has been set.

This can be repeated immediately, again and again.


The Mental-Clock is ideal for


- Stand-alone effects


- as a combination with any zodiac sign, as well as any date of birth mind-reading effect

  (e.g. Astrostar from Edward Stein, Miracle-Makers).


  • The mentalist first tells the spectator his star sign
  • Then his date of birth
  • As a highlight - the hour of his birth


The Mental Clock can be used instantly in your show.

It's usage is absolutely easy and straight-forward.

This effect is excellent for small shows as well as stage performances for larger audiences.


Mental Clock

Wooden clock (22 cm / nearly 9" in diameter).

Clock hands are of black acrylic glass.


Mental Clock Set

Clock, Receiver, Charger

1 Transportation Cover

900,00 €

  • Available
  • Delivery in 5-8 days1


All prices listed, exclude TV rights.  Please email Juergen for further details.