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Master Miracle's innovative effect celebrated its debut at FISM 2015

This is a "new generation" Touch Device 

           Intuition or Mind Control?

           Hypnosis or Trick?


The Effect

A sleep mask is handed to any spectator which he can examine and put on himself. The mentalist moves his hand in front of the spectators face to prove that the spectator can't see anything. Now the mentalist can 'touch' the spectator without even being near him. 


Can be repeated immediately as often as wanted.

Strong, weak or double tap possibility.



No setup required.

No threads.

No further accessories required, just Intuito.


What a true sensation!

450,00 €

  • Available
  • Delivery in 5-8 days1


All prices listed, exclude TV rights.  Please email Juergen for further details.