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Emotional Vibrations

Incredible Bank-Night Effect


Nicolai Friedrich has taken the classical bank-night effect and improved it significantly.

Juergen Kretschmer supplies the ingenious self-working method.


The Effect (example)

The mentalist asks to borrow a photo from a lady in the audience, who is carrying a photo of somebody who means a lot to her, amongst her personal belongings. She is then invited to come forward to assist the mentalist.
The mentalist hands her an envelope and asks her to slip her treasured photo into the envelope and seal it.

Following this, she is asked to mix or shuffle her envelope amongst other identical envelopes, all of which could perhaps be laying on a tray or something similar, until she doesn't know which exact envelope is hers.  

Having done this, the mentalist requests her to take the tray (of identical looking envelopes) and walk into the audience, approach a few randomly selected people of her choice and ask each of them to choose any envelope of their choice. These people are asked to stand up immediately and to hold their envelope behind their back and wait for further instructions.


When all the envelopes have been distributed, the mentalist observes the audience members who are standing from the stage, each holding their own specifically chosen envelope. He orders them, one after the other, to tear up the envelope they are holding and sit down immediately, until only own spectator is left standing, holding one single envelope.


This spectator is asked to open this last remaining envelop.

Enclosed within, is the lady's intact photo.


  • The magician never touches or even comes near the envelopes
  • No marks made on any of the envelopes
  • Nothing has to be added, taken away or switched

Emotional Vibrations Set

1 x Ingenious Gimmick

Some Envelopes*

Including Nicolai Friedrich's FISM-routine with lots of handling tips and subtleties


* Further envelopes can be ordered directly from Master Miracles

450,00 €

  • Available
  • Delivery in 5-8 days1


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